Empower is a charitable foundation designed to provide support and guidance for unemployed international professionals based in Amsterdam. A group of like-minded career coaches are empowering those in need, helping them to refocus on their strengths.

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What's in it for you?

We offer free one to one career coaching to map out what you want for your career, set out actions that get you closer to your goals, and keep you accountable for taking steps toward your goal.  We offer workshops that will compliment the coaching sessions. Our main goal is to help you help yourself in as many ways possible. But first, it starts with identifying your career goals.  

Empower Amsterdam is aimed at non-native Dutch speaking job seekers, who are currently unemployed, and excluded from resources and channels open to native Dutch speakers. We provide our free services to people who are a) age 15 to 75, b) actively looking for either part-time or full-time work, c) and available immediately to start a new job. 



Empower Amsterdam, started in May 2016, with the idea that when a person has been made redundant or has lost their job they go through a cycle of feeling unsure of themselves and in a way lost or stuck. In those moments of feeling unsure it is difficult to invest in yourself when it's not clear when you will work again. The free coaching sessions give that person a boost to start taking actions that will get them to where they want to be in their career.

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Take Action

Visit our page of volunteer coaches who can help you think through where you want to go with your career. Our coaches will support you in taking actions that will get you closer to your goals. In addition, we provide workshops that support the steps you have established through your coaching sessions. 

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