Using a Holistic Approach to ‘Unblock’ People’s Lives

Contributing Writer: Waynne Meek

Coaching takes many different forms, and for some people a more holistic approach really removes situational ‘blockages’ from their lives. Villia de Koningh, who has been a soul coach for 20 years, practices in the Amsterdam area, through her company Inspired Coaching.

Why is coaching so important?

“Coaching provides the ear that actually listens, the space where we can express our feelings of disconnection and the physical or emotional issues we experience because of this disconnection. In the past when we lived in communities that relied on working together, there was always someone we could trust to listen to us and to give the benefit of their life experience. Now we live in a society that is largely disconnected from the reality of how life actually is day to day.

“Our lives are driven by what our life should, “look like” and the fear that our life does not compare. We have also lost the connection with how it could, “feel like”, and as a result, we often feel unfulfilled and disconnected from ourselves and others. As an individual, it’s important to have the opportunity to express your issues and receive the tools to move past the profound ‘blocking’ effect that ignoring issues can have on your life. This is especially relevant at times of big life changes - those moments are the best time to make the changes you want to see.

“This drives my passion, guiding people to reconnect to their authenticity. Changes can be infinite when we rediscover who we are and live our life in trust and harmony with our authentic self and a purpose.

“In a nutshell – I see coaching as guiding people to reconnect to their authenticity.”

What got you into coaching?

“My life’s journey - I grew into it. I was raised in an unconventional way, in a community lead by my father, who was a spiritual leader. It was a liberating atmosphere of inclusivity, inner growth and self-discovery, and free of the expectations and conventions of a western society. I also traveled extensively with my family, living in diverse societies and cultures. This has given me gratitude for life, the wonders of our Universe, as well as a deep understanding that we are all on a journey of discovery and at times, need a guiding hand to help us on our way. For me being a coach is as natural as breathing, because it’s in alignment with my life's purpose.

Can you give us an idea of what coaching involves?

“It’s important to create a ‘safe’ space to hear, without judgement what my client needs to say. This is a key starting point of the process – they need to get this out of their system, often for the first time. They need to be able to trust the process of moving from the root of the issue, to changing their perception of the issue/s at hand and then how they can respond to it. It allows for a mind shift and allows them to release the hold the issue has on their life. It’s all about inviting the possibility of other ways to look at things - another way of being.”

Do you specialise in any method of coaching?

“I specialize in Holistic coaching, where I work with the person as a whole. I think it’s important to work with all parts of self - the physical self and the emotional self, right through to the spiritual self. This gives us the opportunity to harmonize the flow of energy and encourage empowerment and wholeness. I assist in clearing blockages in any area of a client’s life that is preventing them from moving forward.”

What’s your favorite part of being involved with Empower?

“I enjoy giving people the opportunity to experience an expansion in their lives as they explore the possibilities available to them at a moment of life change. Empower is focusing on people who are out of work – always a hard situation to be in – but also on people who have often recently moved away from their traditional support structures.”

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