Good feedback is the key to improvement
— unknown

Through a workshop , organized by UWV, in which they told something about themselves I found out that Empower Amsterdam offered free coaching sessions.
I gladly accepted the offer and had 3 long Skype sessions with one of their coaches. What struck me most was that apart from useful exercises and information it made me feel taken seriously and listened to.
This is very important for people finding their way in the labour market. I strongly recommend Empower Amsterdam's services.

A programme helping you help yourself, excellent network of qualified coaches, more than competent to handle the most sceptic individual. Excellent initiative, the start of something great...


I cannot thank Empower Amsterdam enough. I was going through a moment of anxiety and discomfort, after persistently applying for jobs and getting no positive answers. My self-confidence got very damaged and I did not know what else I could do. I told my story to Empower Amsterdam, which answered promptly and found a coach to help me. 

My coach, Milagros Paredes, a lovely, sweet Peruvian lady who also speaks perfect English and Dutch, is someone I will never forget, for helping me in such a careful and motivating way. Since the very first session, I got the feeling that she has such a passion, experience and a gift for career coaching. During the sessions, she taught me how to recover my self-confidence, how to build strong connections in the work environment, how to recognize my skills, valuing my experience and doing the best of me. Every time I am about to invest in a next step regarding my career, I think of what she told me, the advice she gave me, and all the techniques she taught me to feel good in my own skin, overcoming stress and thinking clearly.
She really ignited in me the sentiment of valuing myself, feeling empowered and confident to move forward and, for that, I am immensely grateful. 

Thank you so much, Empower Amsterdam. Congratulations, for embracing, with great empathy and commitment, the mission of helping us find our ways. Thank you, also, for the opportunity of having such an amazing person and professional as Milagros Paredes, providing enlightenment, kindness and true empowerment.