We continue to find new and better ways to help our coachees.

We cannot do everything we would like without some support.

Regardless of the amount, your support means we can continue with our mission to do more to help people help themselves with their careers. 



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One of the ways you can help is by donating money. We use those funds to find new places for coaching sessions, deliver more workshops, and support our coachees/clients in any way we can. When a person is struggling to look for work it can affect their self worth. We believe with support and guidance we can help them to find the right career for them and boost their self esteem. Action always feels better than sitting and waiting to be found or noticed. We need your help to keep it going. Your donation will go a long way to helping someone contribute to society again and feel good about themselves. 

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Are you a certified career coach or working on your certification? Or do you have experience helping people for example you are a hiring manager or human resources professional? Then we could use your help! We are always looking for new and different ways to share and advice our coachees. What's in it for you? Several things, altruism (giving because it feels good), exposure (share your business with others who may need them in the future or can share your work with their family and friends), or self-improvement (use this opportunity to enhance your workshop skills, build your confidence or obtain the final hours you need for your coaching certification). 

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