The greatest glory in living, lies NOT in NEVER falling, but in rising every time we fall.
— Nelson Mandela

When you are unemployed it's difficult to even consider paying for anything outside your basic needs.

The idea of investing in yourself, even if it is to find work, is a hard decision. 

Empower Amsterdam wants to make that decision easier for you with free coaching that will help you get started. 

Why empower amsterdam

At Empower Amsterdam we know what it is like to be made redundant or when you are between jobs and haven't found work yet. You tend to feel a bit lost. You start to question yourself and your value to society. You wonder if there is something you should have done differently and what do you REALLY WANT to do in your career. We believe that coaching is the perfect tool to get your mindset in a positive mode, to help you clear your head of any negative thoughts, and to support and hold you accountable to take actions toward your goals. Career coaching sessions can cost up to €150 or more. If you have to decide between paying bills or investing in a coach, you will probably choose paying your bills. However, if you are stuck and have not been able to find work or you want to redefine your goals then coaching can help you. So to get you started and give you the support you need to get back on your feet we have volunteer coaches who can help you.

How does it work

Our volunteer coaches willing to donate some of their time to help job seekers take actions that will get them closer to their goals. Coaches donate between 3 to 5 sessions per coachee. These sessions are used to determine what you want or need to do get you closer to your goal. The number of sessions is determined by the goal you set and how many sessions that coach is able to donate to our foundation. You can choose the coach you think you would like to work with on our volunteer coach page or contact us via email to be matched with a coach. 

You will have an intake session where your coach will explain how coaching works and how they work with Empower Amsterdam. You are not obligated to stay with any coach. If you find that they are not a good fit for you then you can simply end the sessions and choose another coach. 

Coaching sessions are typically done via Skype. If you feel more comfortable meeting in person you and your coach can agree on one of the appropriate meeting locations provided by  Empower Amsterdam.

We offer workshops that compliment the coaching sessions you receive. Workshops are provided based on the time and number of participants. If you want to be informed of when the next workshop will be, then take a look at our workshop page and sign up to be on the waiting list.